HUMBLE WARRIOR pose for strong hips and shoulders

From Sanskrit language “baddha” ,”vira” ,”bhadra” means  “bound”,  “hero”, “friend” posture, which brings abundance, joy, wellness, creativity and sexuality. The symbolism of  this pose  named for a fierce warrior in Hindu mythology, Virabhadra. His power inspires this series of poses, but baddha virabhadrasana also has a humbling side.


Beth Moore Quote: “When the stakes are high, bow down low.”

Sri Chinmoy: “Surrender is a journey from outer turmoil to the inner peace”

Its powerful fundamental yoga pose. Simplicity of pose allows for all levels students to discover stamina and concentration. This pose like mostly yoga poses, has many benefits: physical,  mental, emotional and spiritual.

Firstly, it teaches to involve and energize whole body and mind. Secondly it stretches and strengthens the leg muscles, knees, ankles, shoulders, back and arms. Thirdly it contracts abs, stimulates abdominal organs, improves breathing capacity, opens lungs and chest. Fourthly it stretches groins, as it is deep hip and shoulder opener.  It requires lot of strength and stability. When you are comfortable to do this pose, unlike the other warriors this pose allows you to draw focus inwards and unconsciously fosters you for acceptance, as a result of this, you may experience floating sensation. But you may not be getting all its benefits if there is an issue with alignment and technique. If any queries, questions or suggestion please come back to me

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SIDE PLANK for Lean Torso & Strong Arms, Wrists and Legs


Side plank from  Sanskrit language Vasisthasana means “wealthy” posture. Story begins about King Ram and its named after great Indian sage Vasistha, one of three main Hindu gods responsible for creation, maintenance and destruction of Universe.

“Be aware of half truth. You may have gotten hold wrong half!”

Did you know that with regular practice of side plank you are developing your waist, its getting tinier, side ABS getting leaner. Plank pose straighten your core, arms, wrists and legs as well improves your breathing capacity following by healthier your internal organs and digestion system. This pose overall teaches to involve body in one direction, so you have to be careful to balance yourself on one hand and it is very important to focus, as its required to maintain pose.

This pose simplicity allows for all levels of students to discover stamina and concentration. But you may not be getting all its benefits if there is an issue with alignment and technique.

There are lot of information about how to perform this pose and lots of yoga pose encyclopedias. If you will attend my classes you will get my interpretation of pose and modifications. Please come back to me if you need any support with technique, questions and etc.

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Yoga For Spirit of Adventure & Openning Your Mind

Some of the clients can be frustrated  in first few yoga classes as they never tried it before, particularly people who doesn’t like to slow down.

Everyone is different, everyone interacts and sees the world differently, over time and across cultures, everyone has different thoughts, words or actions.

How to start that learning journey to discover yourself in yoga class to learn self awareness and to become more you? How to come back to your breathing, called your best friend as its always with you and to pick option of pose that are yours at particular moment?How to come back to yourself discover your feelings in the pose, begin to influence people who are surrounding you, how to generate energy or create your inner space?

For every question very simple answer is practice- as more you practice, more you can connect to yourself and recognize that suits you. But please remember: “Before Alice got to wonderland she had to fall”

So if you are afraid or you never try or never find time to practice how will you be able to understand if yoga practise suits you?



Modern Yoga & Every Little Counts

Traditionally yoga have been practiced to attain knowledge serenity and alignment.

Nowadays we are looking for practical guide how to disconnect from the hard pace of everyday life and connect to something in short supply. Many of us have tight schedules and unable to dedicate some time for deep yoga practice. Typical issue- our minds are in the future and our bodies are in the past.

A few minutes Yoga practice there and few minutes Yoga practice here will add up to our quality of lives. Specially personally designed yoga workouts available starting as little as 5 mins for your mind and 22 mins for your body there waiting for you, just try to practice and discover results!


Hey March is already here! The pose of this month is TREE POSE!“Root down to go high. The deeper the root, the taller the tree. Reach up to catch a star and bring it to your heart.” The tree pose, translation from Sanskrit as “vrksasana” Vrksa meaning tree and Asana means pose. This is one of the most popular and soothing poses in yoga development. This exercise requires focus, concentration and stability.

Tree Pose is excellent for developing balance and focus. It has lots of benefits: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This yoga pose stretches the thighs, groins, torso, and shoulders. It builds strength in the ankles and calves, and tones the abdominal muscles, relaxes spine and eases digestion. The pose also helps to remedy flat feet and is therapeutic for sciatica.

“The wisdom of the tree balances the path inwards with the pathway outwards.”

There are lot of information about how to perform this pose and few yoga pose encyclopedias. If you will attend my classes you will get my interpretation of pose and modifications. I am giving few explanations to catch the imagination of students.

Please come back to me, if you need any support with technique, questions and etc.

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World Yoga origins & modern practice

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What is your yoga practice and how do you understand it?

What do you hear inside you at the end of the practice?


Lots of countries today practice yoga and discover fever benefits of it as well every culture & teacher has her own perception of it. As we know originally yoga started many many years ago and home country is India. Why do we have so many different approaches to yoga practice even if all they have the same roots?

Yoga is international language- non verbal  communication.

“Take in the fullness of what you are feeling, memorize how it looks & recognize its presence, bring your confidence with each single flow and notice that goes for you”


Breathing habits for body & mind

In ancient Sanskrit language breathing prana(prah nah ) has very strong meaning – life. Normal day we have between 20 000 and 30 000 breaths and its important part of body system that keeps you alive. Daily stresses shortens our breaths and air flow not full filling lungs anymore & they get over ventilated, as well our hart is working much harder…

Of course not everyone is aware about it & its hard to notice or pay attention to this, so day by day, building up our breathing habits become poor! How can we change it?

Health is your wealth.Everyone has different lung capacity and different goals but over the time breath work might be right pathway to better you! The more you practice it the more aware you become.

You can learn basic and safe breathing techniques in my yoga classes and it might be your way to start!

Let’s try to find your happier & healthier pathway!