SIDE PLANK for Lean Torso & Strong Arms, Wrists and Legs


Side plank from  Sanskrit language Vasisthasana means “wealthy” posture. Story begins about King Ram and its named after great Indian sage Vasistha, one of three main Hindu gods responsible for creation, maintenance and destruction of Universe.

“Be aware of half truth. You may have gotten hold wrong half!”

Did you know that with regular practice of side plank you are developing your waist, its getting tinier, side ABS getting leaner. Plank pose straighten your core, arms, wrists and legs as well improves your breathing capacity following by healthier your internal organs and digestion system. This pose overall teaches to involve body in one direction, so you have to be careful to balance yourself on one hand and it is very important to focus, as its required to maintain pose.

This pose simplicity allows for all levels of students to discover stamina and concentration. But you may not be getting all its benefits if there is an issue with alignment and technique.

There are lot of information about how to perform this pose and lots of yoga pose encyclopedias. If you will attend my classes you will get my interpretation of pose and modifications. Please come back to me if you need any support with technique, questions and etc.

Directory for more research:

All the best with Yoga practice!




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